How to Use Herbs to Treat Acne

How to Use Herbs to Treat Acne
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Herbs for Acne is a dermatological disorder that can affect individuals of all ages. Although not considered dangerous, it is obviously unpleasant. Many products are available in stores against this problem, but they can be aggressive and damage the skin in other ways. Some people believe that herbal remedies are a more delicate treatment.

Herbs for Acne
Herbal treatments

1) Try a green tea extract.
In some cases, this type of tea has proven effective against acne symptoms. It is able to reduce the production of sebum, fight bacteria, promote healing of the affected areas and control the secretion of stress-related hormones. Try using green tea according to some of the methods described here:
Drink six cups of green tea every day to counter acne.
You can leave the tea in infusion, wait for the liquid to cool and then apply it to the face with a cotton wool ball.
The lotions with 2% of green tea extract have been studied and have proved useful against this imperfection.

2) Apply melaleuca oil.
This product is used to treat acne and reduce its adverse effects during outbreaks. If you are currently suffering from an active phase of acne, you can manage inflammation and reduce recovery times by applying a gel with 5% melaleuca oil. The product should only be used topically and only during a vent.

Melaleuca oil reduces redness and prevents bacterial growth.
Acts more slowly than treatments with 5% benzoyl peroxide.
It can have some side effects, including contact dermatitis and a worsening of rosacea.

3) Use jojoba oil and carrot seeds.
Both seem to be effective in helping the skin heal and reduce sebum production. In particular, that of jojoba eliminates excess sebum, while that of carrot regenerates the affected areas promoting their healing. Prepare a mixture by following this recipe:
Take 30 ml of jojoba oil;
Add a few drops of carrot seed oil;
Apply only small quantities.

4) Mix honey with cinnamon and nutmeg. The topical application of this compound is effective against pimples. You can spread it on your face as if it were a mask or cover only the areas affected by acne. The three ingredients act against inflammation, prevent infection and allow the skin to heal. Follow the recipe described here to prepare a home-made mixture:
Get a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one of ground nutmeg and one of honey;
Mix the three ingredients to make a dough;
Apply the mixture all over your face or just on the pimples;
Keep it in place for no more than half an hour.

5) Use aloe vera.
This plant is very useful for preventing or treating acne outpouring. In some studies, it has been shown that aloe vera increases the beneficial effects of other treatments. It is an excellent solution to help the epidermis heal after an outburst. Apply it to speed up recovery times and avoid new blemishes.
Fresh gel is the best solution. Detach a leaf from the plant, open it and use the sap to get the best results.
Leave the gel on your face for three to five minutes.
Wash the area and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

How to Use Herbs to Treat Acne

Other Natural Treatments

6) Get bitter herbs before meals.
Some studies have found that patients suffering from acne also have a low level of gastric acidity. For this reason, it is worthwhile consuming bitter herbs for lunch and dinner, as they stimulate digestion, change the level of acidity in the stomach and decrease the chances of acne outbreaks in the future.
Most of the extracts show the exact dosage on the label.
Among the bitter herbs we remember the leaves and the roots of dandelion, the gentian, the yarrow millefeuille and the wormwood;
Always consume with meals;
Try adding dark and bitter vegetables to your salads. For example, by incorporating rocket you can eat a greater quantity of bitter herbs;
Even dandelion leaves can be easily integrated into your diet.

7)Give it a try with the Moroccan Rhassoul clay.
Many treatments that aim to reduce the effects of acne out pumps can be dangerous or aggressive on the skin. This clay is perfect to reduce the possibility of future imperfections without causing other damages. Try to apply a little ‘on the areas affected by the pimples, to slow down the production of sebum and avoid imperfections.
Mix a teaspoon of Rhassoul clay with warm water until it forms a dough; you can spread it like a mask.
You can also add other herbs to increase the beneficial effect. For example, use green tea leaves if the skin on your face is oily; add chamomile ones to reduce redness.
Try using this clay every day, but stop the treatment and remove it promptly if you begin to feel dryness and tension on the skin.

8) Make changes to the diet.
What you eat affects every aspect of health and well-being. Nutrition can also have effects on the odds of suffering from acne outpourings. Some simple modifications represent a natural way of reducing the severity and frequency of this disorder. Here are some tips you can follow:
Reduce the amount of dairy that you consume every day;
Foods rich in carbohydrates, pasta and bread included, can trigger acne crises;
It is believed that chocolate increases the chances of developing pimples.

9) Reduce stress.
It is well known that emotional tension causes this dermatological problem. If you are very stressed, you run more risk of having a pimply skin. Wax to reduce the pressure whenever possible to control the severity of acne.
You can give it a try with meditation or physical activity.
Going out for a quiet walk is a great way to relax.
If possible, avoid any situation that causes stress.

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