Things you should remember when you Buy a Condom

Things you should remember when you Buy a Condom
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How to Buy Condoms. You’re standing in front of the fluorescent condom exhibitor, your heart beats like crazy and you try to choose from dozens of different types before someone notices you’re there for 10 minutes. There are condoms of various sizes, textures, colours and flavours, and it’s hard to figure out where to start. Now you have found the right article! Keep reading to buy the condom for you! And next time, at the pharmacy, you’ll go without fail.

How to Buy Condoms

Fit and Consistency

1) Evaluate which material is best for you.
There are different and give different sensations, so it is advisable to first change a little brand and type to decide your favourite. If you use them correctly, all condoms are effective to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but especially to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
Those in latex are the most widespread. They are cheap and effective (if used well), but if you or your partner are allergic to latex, you need another solution.
Those in lambskin are a natural alternative for latex allergy sufferers and for those who do not want to use a rubber. However, lambskin condoms do not prevent the transmission of diseases. Evaluate them only if you are engaged in a mutually monogamous relationship with a healthy person.
Polyurethane condoms are very resistant and thicker than latex ones and are excellent for allergic people. This material reaches the same temperature of your body and the feeling of wearing it disappears within a short time. The downside is that they are very expensive.
Those in tactylon are among the most adherent and follow perfectly the lines of the penis. It is said that they are also the easiest to wear, but they are more difficult to find on the market and more expensive.

2) Find the right fit.
Most condoms fit the average penis, around 16-18 cm. Try a “regular” to figure out if it’s ok for you. If it is unrolled easily and stays firmly in place then it means that the fit is correct. If it’s soft and seems to slip away, then you have to buy a smaller one. If it seems very tense and you feel pain, buy a bigger one. Proceeding by trial is the most effective way to find the best one for you, on the online sales websites you can also find the specifications for the dimensions.
The form of the condom is also a determining factor. Depending on the brand, the shape may vary slightly, so it’s a good idea to do some tests to find the one that fits your penis. In short, all forms are all right, find the one that makes you feel a more natural feeling.
If you’re buying condoms for someone else, it’s better to buy something “regular”. But if you know that your partner has special measures, act accordingly.

3) Evaluate female condoms.
They are not as widespread as the male ones, but they can be an excellent solution. They are inserted into the vagina and also cover part of the lips, and are effective against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.
A female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before sexual intercourse. This can be very interesting for those people who do not like to interrupt the preliminaries to put the condom.
The feminine ones are made of polyurethane and, just like the masculine ones of the same material, offer excellent sensitivity and are less “rubbery” than latex.

Additional Features

4) Evaluate if you want them lubricated.
They are easier to wear with minimal friction and make their use more enjoyable for both, in addition to the fact that they are less likely to break. They are a very convenient solution, but some people prefer to buy the lubricant separately. If you are among these people, it is important to choose a lubricant that is compatible with the condom material.
Silicone and aqueous lubricants are suitable for all types of condoms.
Those based on oil should be used only with polyurethane and tactylon condoms. Do not use children’s oil, mineral oils, vaseline or similar products with latex or lambskin condoms.
If you want more protection you can use a spermicidal lubricant. This product kills a large amount of sperm at the time of ejaculation. If you are worried that the condom breaks, the spermicide gives you more security. Remember that these products have side effects like irritations, burns and urinary infections.

5) Evaluate the consistency that’s right for you.
Some prefer that the condom is “as if it were not there”, while others love the feeling that they can give veins and reliefs. Every consistency has the same effectiveness, and the decision is based only on your feelings of pleasure.
If you’re buying condoms for your first time with that specific partner, take a simple one with no veins or anything. When you know something more about your preferences, you can experiment together with variations.

6) Evaluate the level of sensitivity.
Some condoms are labelled as “extra sensitive” or “ultra sensitive,” and are designed to be as thin and impalpable as possible to ensure a very natural experience. Others instead prefer to “feel” the condom during sexual intercourse to make sure it is in place. Both are effective in disease and pregnancy protection.

7) Decide the colour and the perfume. The standard ones are usually transparent and when you wear them you see the natural colour of the skin. If you want something more fun, you can take coloured condoms; they exist in every shade: blue, orange, fuchsia, blue, black. There are also perfumed condoms such as cinnamon, mint and cherry.

8) Buy them at the supermarket.
Each chain has a well-stocked department of condoms. Now that you know more about types, sizes and shapes, you can browse the various brands and find the right one for you as a knowledgeable consumer.

9) Get them on the internet.
It is very useful if you are ashamed to go to the pharmacy or the supermarket. Usually, if you send an email request, you receive professional answers, and the package will be packaged discreetly to avoid any embarrassment.

10) Buy them in quantity.
If you take a small box, the cost of each condom will be greater than large packs. Once you have found the brand and type you prefer, make stocks, you can also buy them online.

11) Always check the expiration date.
Condoms do not last forever, so make sure you have bought them that have not expired yet.

Make sure you always have 2 condoms. Sometimes the first one breaks down, or one may not be enough on a busy night.

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