The last male White Rhino Sudan dies

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The last male White Rhino Sudan dies.

The last of its kind: Sudan is the last male White Rhino. Sudan is the last male White Rhino on the planet. After two infections on his right hind leg, the health of the 45-year-old colossus has worsened massively. “His future does not look rosy,” says the Kenyan game park Ol Pejeta on Facebook.

Despite the help of doctors from all over the world, Northern White Rhinoceros, popularly known as White Rhino, is dying out. There are only two females left, Fatu and Najin – Najin is Sudan’s daughter and Fatu is his granddaughter.

The last male White Rhino Sudan dies

Vintage 1973

Already at the end of 2017 Sudan retired, he was born in 1973 in Sudan, an age-related infection in the hind leg. On a first treatment, the rhino responded well, the healing was promising. Now another deeper infection has been discovered. But despite 24-hour care, the 2000-kilo animal hardly recovered.

The carers are worried and think about a lull. Sudan is extremely old for a rhino and you do not want the animal to suffer unnecessarily, it says on Facebook.                                                                                                          22 MARCH 2018


ANDAR HRUF —  444  999

Naomi Mutua 🐱🐾

I had the privilege of spending today with this charming guy. He’s sick, but he’s trying really hard to feel better.

They say rhinos are just unicorns in disguise. Sudan is one of the most gentle creatures I’ve come across. #Rhinos #NorthernWhiteRhino #MostEligibleBachelor

Until almost 60 years ago there were more than 2000 white rhinos. According to Ol Pejeta, this subspecies of rhinoceros migrated through Uganda, Chad, Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but poaching and years of civil war in the regions massively reduced the numbers.

To protect Sudan from poachers, it has been protected for years by armed bodyguards 24 hours a day. This unusual measure was financed by donations.

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