How to speed up the healing of scars

How to speed up the healing of scars
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How to speed up the healing of scars

There is no miracle cure to speed up the healing of scars, but it is possible to try different treatments. Of course, it is not said that they are all effective for your specific case, but try not to hurt. To speed up recovery, try taking prescription and over-the-counter medications, using homoeopathic remedies, and taking steps to help make the situation worse.

Treating Scars with Medical Devices

1) Use silicone gel sheets.
Available in pharmacies without a prescription, they have proven to be very effective for treating scars quickly. To apply them, follow the instructions on the package.
In general, the affected area should be left to act for at least 12 hours. The application must be repeated the following day using a clean sheet.
Healing times vary depending on your personal case. You can see a reduction in scars within a few days, weeks or months.

2) Use Vaseline, which allows moisturizing the skin and the scarred area.
Proper hydration promotes cell regeneration. In some cases, it helps visibly reduce scars and promotes healing.                                                                                                                                                                                          18 MARCH 2018


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3) Apply sunscreen to lower the chances that reddish or brown colour changes appear in the cut or scar area.
The sunscreen also protects the skin, keeping it hydrated and promoting its regeneration.
Choose a broad-spectrum protection of at least 30 SPF.
It is necessary to apply it constantly for several weeks.
In case of skin problems, consult a dermatologist

4) Learn about injections of corticosteroids.
By injecting steroid hormones into the affected area, it is possible to promote healing or visibly reduce the scar.
The steroids weaken the binding of the collagen fibres in the skin, favouring the decomposition of the scar tissue and consequently the regeneration of the skin

5) Uses aloe vera, notoriously effective in the treatment of cuts and scars.
By applying it to the affected area, you will accelerate healing. To use it, just take a nut and massage it on the wound or on the scarred skin. Apply it up to three times a day to speed up the process

How to speed up the healing of scars

Limit the Factors that Worsen the Scars

6) Avoid using vitamin E.
Many believe it helps to reduce scars but can actually cause rashes or irritation. To be on the safe side, do not apply oils, gels or vitamin E capsules to the affected area

7) Do not use hydrogen peroxide, which can destroy skin cells.
Risks of hindering cell regeneration and prolonging the scar.
To clean a wound you can use an antibiotic or aloe vera ointment instead of hydrogen peroxide

8) Cover the wound.
Many people recommend letting breathe cuts and scars. Unfortunately, this can, however, hinder cellular regeneration. Instead, cover the affected area and keep it hydrated using aloe vera or a similar product.
Cover the cut or wound with a plaster or gauze

9) Avoid frequently exposed to the sun.
As the wound heals or the scar goes away, you should avoid sunbathing, as it can compromise healing and risk making the situation worse. As a result, if you really have to go out, be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, long dresses and sunscreen.

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