Skin diseases names with pictures

Skin diseases names with pictures
skin diseases

Types Of Skin Diseases are pimples, warts, dermatitis, psoriasis and vitiligo. All you need to know to prevent them, recognize them and treat them. From the simple boils to the more serious pathologies such as psoriasis or vitiligo, there are many disorders related to our skin. We try to know them better, even in their main features.


1) Pimples

It would be a mistake to consider them simply as something related only to the hormonal storms of adolescence.

how to face them and prevent them from being staged
The pimples can be the consequence of an inflammation due to little personal hygiene or the presence of diseases such as diabetes, which diminishes the body’s ability to defend.

Whatever the cause, the important thing is not to squeeze them: the substance that comes out transmits the infection to the surrounding healthy skin, and so others arriv                                                                               29 MAY 2018

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How they are treated: In the vast majority of cases, a brief cure based on specific ointments is enough. In the most serious situations, it can even serve the surgical incision, accelerating with warm compresses the maturation of a pimple and then proceed with the intervention.

Then the dermatologist will prescribe an antibiotic cure: ointments or tablets in the case of serious infections.


2) warts

They are inflammations that appear as small and irregular yellowish or dark protrusions. They are contagious, especially if you are in damp environments such as swimming pools, saunas or showers (but sometimes even the floor at home …).

Remember, then, to always wear rubber shoes or slippers, but also not to sit or lie down too easily on the edge of the pool. Did you have one? It should not reproduce, but it could reformat a new one in another area of the body.

The same rules of hygiene also apply to fungi: skin infections transmitted by sand, dirty towels or unsecured beach beds.

How to treat: if you have a wart, in the pharmacy, you find products to eliminate it, such as patches with salicylic acid, which can be irritating. Better to remove it surgically or with the laser.

Skin diseases names with pictures

3) Dermatitis

They can be irritating or from contact. In the first case, they are produced by a substance that damages the skin. It is the most common form: to stop it, just keep away from sources of irritation and the problem disappears on its own.

The allergic contact dermatitis, however, has a rather abrupt onset and is manifested by itching, redness, and swelling until the appearance of bubbles and crusts. It can be caused by detergents, cosmetics (even simple
shaving foam ) and naturally with pollen.

He is also accused of certain types of metals (for example nickel and mercury): an eye, therefore, to the poorer costume jewellery and to the stalls of the junkies.

How they are treated: statistics say that 75% of dermatitis are allergic. So, first of all, do not keep the skin in contact with the suspect substance, then do allergy tests (they are called epicutaneous tests) by the dermatologist to understand what is hurting you.

To treat yourself, you can use cortisone-based drugs that reduce inflammation and itching: ointments, tablets or (in the rarest cases) injections.


4) Psoriasis

It is a disease that affects mainly the industrialized countries: only in Italy, there are more than one million cases. The name derives from the ancient Greek “psora”, which means scale.

The disease occurs in spots, especially on elbows, knees, nails and scalp. The causes, partly unknown, are inherited. Psoriasis appears more often between 10 and 40 years and follows the patient for life.

How to cure: Not even science can very much: once identified, yes, there are some remedies, but they do not solve the problem in a definitive way. For psoriasis, it is usually used to cortisones, combined with solar lamp sessions.


5) Vitiligo

This is called the appearance of white patches, which are formed due to the absence of melanin. Despite passing through a disorder typical of old age, vitiligo comes suddenly and before the age of twenty, striking face, neck, wrists and chest.

It is neither painful nor contagious, it can be hereditary (precise causes are unknown). Very often it is triggered by stress or nervous factors (like that of children after the arrival of a little brother).

How to cure: even, in this case, there is little to do. The existing remedies are palliative. Among the basic recommendations, absolute prohibition to stay in the sun and abundant use of creams with very high protection.


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