How to Relieve the Sunburn in USA (Light Skin) Itching

How to Relieve the Sunburn in USA (Light Skin) Itching
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In addition to redness, cracking and pain, sunburns can cause itching. A scalding damages the superficial layer of the skin. The epidermis has many nerve endings that are responsible for pruritus. Sun damage inflamed nerves, so discomfort will persist as long as the burn has not passed. In the meantime, you can use home remedies, as well as over-the-counter or prescription medicines, to relieve itching and promote skin healing.

How to Relieve the Sunburn (Light Skin) Itching

Home Remedies

1) In case of severe burns, contact your doctor.
Home remedies can be useful, but usually, they aim to treat minor burns. If you have blisters, dizziness, fever or a possible infection (pus, red spots, increased soreness), you should go to your doctor before trying a do-it-yourself cure.
In case of weakness, inability to stand up, confusion or fainting, call the ambulance
If the skin has a consistency similar to wax and white, of a very dark brown or raised and with a consistency that resembles leather, it is a third-degree burn. Although it is very rare, it is sometimes possible to suffer from such a severe sunburn. Go immediately to the emergency room.

2) Sprinkles apple cider vinegar on the burn.
Vinegar is a mild acid sometimes used as an antiseptic. It balances the pH of the skin, which in turn promotes faster healing and can relieve pruritus. The vinegar has a strong smell but should dissipate after a few minutes.
Fill a clean spray bottle with apple cider vinegar. Test the product by spraying it on a small area of the burned skin: wait to see if you feel pain or another type of reaction occurs.
Sprinkle the vinegar on the burned skin and let it dry on its own. Do not massage it into the skin.
If the skin starts to itch again, reapply it.
If you do not have a bottle with the spray dispenser, pour a few drops of vinegar on a cotton ball or towel and dab on the burn.
According to some, the classic white vinegar has the same effect as that of apple cider, so you can try to use it if you did not have only that one available

3) Take a lukewarm bath in the oats.
Oats moisturize dry skin and normalize the pH, which is often high when the skin is dried and itches. You can use colloidal oats, which are ground and float in water, thus increasing the exposure of the epidermis. If not, you can put 100 g of uncooked oats in a clean pair of tights and tie or tie them.
Prepare a warm bath (hot water could dry the skin and make the itch worse).
Pour the colloidal oats while the water flows, so that it melts completely. If you use a sock, put it in the tub right now.
Immerse yourself for about 10 minutes. If you feel the skin is sticky afterwards, rinse with warm water. You can take a bath oat up to 3 times a day.
Make sure to dab the skin with a towel: do not rub it, it can worsen the skin irritation.

Ways to Get Rid of an Itchy Sunburn

4) Treat the area with diluted peppermint essential oil.
Available in herbal medicine, this product has a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin. Do not use peppermint extract: it’s not the same thing.
Dilute the essential oil of peppermint with a carrier oil (must be vegetables, such as jojoba or coconut). For an adult, dilute 10-12 drops per 30 ml of oil. In the case of children, pregnant women or sensitive skin, it uses five to six drops.
Test the oil on a small burn area to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.
Massages oil on the burn. The skin should feel a cold/warm sensation, so the itching will temporarily decrease.

5) Apply the witch hazel on the burn.
Contains tannins, which help to reduce swelling, pain and itching. If you do not want to use a hydrocortisone cream, this is a good alternative.
Massage a small amount of witch hazel cream on the burn (after having tested it on a skin area to rule out a possible allergic reaction).
Apply witch hazel with a cotton ball.
Use it up to 6 times a day to relieve pain and itching.

Treat the Itching with Medicines

6) Use a hydrocortisone cream with 0.5% -1% concentration to relieve pain and itching.
It is a counter-steroid cream often very effective to reduce inflammation, redness and tingling. Prevents cells from releasing inflammatory substances, calming the skin.
Apply the cream to hydrocortisone on the burn four times a day, massaging it on the skin.
Use hydrocortisone sparingly on the face and do not apply for more than 4-5 days

7) Take counter-topical antihistamines to combat burn itching.

Sometimes it manifests itself because the immune cells that release histamine communicate to the brain that something is wrong . Antihistamines can suppress this reaction, then temporarily relieve itching and swelling.
During the day, take an antihistamine that does not cause drowsiness (like loratadine). To know the dosage, read the instructions on the leaflet.
In the evening, you can take diphenhydramine, which can cause some drowsiness. After hiring her, do not try to drive, operate machinery or take other potentially dangerous actions for yourself or others: just go to sleep!
In case of severe itching, ask your doctor if you can prescribe Idolizing. It is a drug that requires a recipe. Seda the central nervous system and also has an antihistamine function.

8) Use an anaesthetic for topical use in order to numb the skin.

Available in the form of a spray, cream or ointment, this medicine blocks nerve signals in the body, so you will not experience that itchy feeling.
To use a spray, shake the bottle well and keep it 10-15 cm away from the skin. Sprinkle it on the burn and massage gently. Be very careful not to let it end in the eye.
As for creams, gels or ointments, apply the product on dry skin and massage it gently until it is evenly distributed. Look for one that also contains aloe vera, which can help soothe the skin.

Ways to Get Rid of an Itchy Sunburn

Treat an unbearable itching

9) If you have a serious burn that does not respond to previous treatments, take a hot shower.
Extreme itching usually occurs about 48 hours after a burn, so a very hot shower can be quite effective. This type of discomfort does not respond to other treatments. It is so persistent and unbearable that it can prevent sleep, cause depression, aggression and suicidal thoughts.
If no other treatment should work, including those recommended by your doctor, you may decide to try this method. Are you under 18? First talk to your parents.
Take a shower by adjusting the water to be as warm as possible, but remember that you should be able to withstand this temperature. Do not use soaps and do not exfoliate the skin: hot water will dry it, so these products can worsen dryness.
Keep these showers extremely hot until the itching has stopped (usually, it takes about 2 days).
Hot showers work because the brain can only process one sensation at a time. The heat of the water activates the nerve endings responsible for the pain, therefore it suppresses or cures the itching

10) Ask your doctor if you can prescribe a high-powered steroid cream.
If the itching is so unbearable that you can not focus on anything else (you can not work and you can not sleep) and you think you’re going crazy, your doctor can help you with more aggressive treatment. A high potency steroid cream can reduce inflammation and soothe itching.
These medicines are available only by prescription. They can weaken the immune system and cause other serious side effects. They should be used only in the most extreme cases.


Before going out, apply sunscreen.
If possible, wear comfortable clothes that do not tighten and do not cover the burned areas. The burn should be exposed to the air, not covered.

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