How to Improve Blood Circulation

How to Improve Blood Circulation
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How to Improve Blood Circulation

A bad blood circulation can cause a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. Also, it may lead to a frequent headache sleep. If you want to improve your body’s whole blood flow, practice the following strategies.

At least 3 times a week.

Experiment with different types of exercise to choose the type of workout you like most. Any physical activity that allows you to start the bloodstream is ideal; Try for example to walk, run or do aerobics. No one will stop you from wandering inside a mall.
Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

2) Stretching schedule for stretching.

Specifically, if you usually work sitting at your desk or keeping the same position for a long time, take a break every hour to do some stretching exercise that will help you improve your blood circulation. Whether you decide to touch your toes or to get up for exercise or a short walk, moving your muscles will help accelerate blood flow through your tissues; as a result, you will feel more energetic and vital.

4) He raises his legs.

If you notice that the extremities are affected by poor blood circulation (usually your feet and ankles are the most suffering parts), try lifting your legs. Plain backing on a chair of the same height as yours will help improve blood flow to your legs.

5) Try the graduated compression stockings.

If over the course of the day, feet and ankles tend to swell, the problem may arise from poor blood circulation to the heart. In this case, contact your doctor to find out where to buy stockings with gradual compression. Their purpose is to promote the blood venous return from the extremities to the heart, thus improving the entire blood circulation.

6) Get Massaged.

In addition to improving blood flow to the treated area, a good massage favours the expulsion of toxins, possibly resulting in poor circulation. If you wish, you can ask the massage therapist to use essential oils used to further improve blood flow, such as rosemary.
If you can not afford a massage performed by a professional, try to massage yourself. Focus on body parts that seem to you to be harder and more powerful. Possible muscle inflammation may obstruct the passages through which oxygen spreads into the body; This phenomenon often interferes with blood circulation. Massaging those muscles will help release toxins, improving your blood flow.
You can try to self-massage yourself using one of those foam tubes designed to do physical activity in the pool. Possible on the floor, then slamming it and rotating it using the part of the body where you feel the muscles are painful. For example, if you experience a particular pain or tension at a certain point of your legs, such as the genotypic tract or knee back tendon, place it on the foam tube and move your leg back and forth to massage that specific muscle. This special message will help you improve blood flow in the treated area.

7) Improve your diet.

Eating healthy is an essential step to optimizing your blood flow.The reason is that over time, unhealthy eating (which is based, for example, on a large number of processed foods, rich in fat, sugars or salt) may cause the occlusion of the arteries, compromising the general state of health of the bloodstream. You can improve the physical condition of your arteries and the entire circulatory system by making healthy diet choices, including, for example:
Lean meats.
Whole grains.
Healthy fats (such as those naturally contained in avocados, oily fish, dried fruits and seeds).

8) Spicy eating.

Spicy foods contain capsaicin, a substance that comes from the chilli peppers with which they are prepared. Capsaicin improves blood circulation throughout the body; For this reason, many people tend to become pompous after eating something spicy.

9) Keep properly hydrated.

Most experts recommend drinking from 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, or even more, if you do physical activity (to compensate for the loss of fluid due to sweating). Taking enough water is essential to maintaining the proper volume of blood, thus promoting good circulation.
In addition to drinking a lot, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, as both cause dehydration of the tissues.
If during the day you notice that the lower leg is tending to swell, you may be taking too much fluid. In this case, ask your doctor about the amount of water recommended in your specific case.

10) Stop smoking.

Nicotine intake is one of the possible triggers of circulatory problems. For this reason, if you want to improve your blood flow quit smoking (or at least reduce the amount) is an important step to accomplish. In addition to improving your current health conditions, you will be able to anticipate future worsening that could cause very serious illness.

11) Have a warm bath.

Fill the hot tub with water, making sure it is at the correct temperature before entering. The heat will have to be intense, but you will not have to risk screaming. The muscles will relax and blood circulation will improve.

12) Try using the drugs.

If you suffer from circulatory problems caused by some disease, including for example peripheral arterial disease, your doctor may prescribe several medications that can help you improve overall artery health. There are also some active ingredients such as cilostazol (the active ingredient of Pletal), whose action is to improve blood circulation in every part of the body.

13) Evaluate the surgery.

In the presence of severe circulatory problems, surgery may be the only weapon at your disposal. Surgery is designed to remove clots or other blockages from blood vessels that are responsible for poor, and therefore dangerous, blood circulation

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