how to shave bikini area

how to shave bikini area
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If you want to try a Brazilian look of the bikini area, but you do not like the idea that a stranger applies the wax in those areas, you can try to shave with great attention getting the same results and pain-free. Here’s how to become an expert on the total shave of the bikini area.

shave the bikini area

Shave the Pubes

1) Decide in advance how you want your pubes to appear (the area just below the navel).
Here are some options:      8 MARCH 2018

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Complete depilation –
There are no health risks related to the complete depilation of the genital area, just be careful not to cause cuts or injuries.

Use a stencil –
Apply a shape (such as a little heart) in the public area, and remove all the hairs around it, leaving only the stencil figure. Stencils to be used as stencils can be found in adult or online stores.

Strip –
It is a line that extends from the area of the vaginal lips towards the navel, and may be thin (ideal in case of thick and frizzy hair), or wider (ideal for thin and thin hair).

2) Before going to the shower, shorten the hair with scissors up to a length of about 6 mm.
The razor to be used should have gel pads and multiple blades; however, you too must favour its action, it is not efficient if the hairs are too long.
To shorten the hairs in a practical way, remove them from the skin and cut them into small sections. You do not have to do a uniform job, just shorten them.
If the idea of using scissors in such a delicate area gives you the creeps, use an electric razor that does not have the rotating heads. The blades will only come close to the skin without touching it.

3) Soften the hair by taking a shower.
You can even dive into a bathroom before getting up and starting shaving operations. If you soften the follicles it will be easier to shave with a single pass.  In this way, you will get the same emollient effect.

4) Exfoliates.
You’ve probably met people who have suggested you soap, shave and exfoliate, in this order. But if you want to become an expert in shaving your pubis, remember to exfoliate your skin before and after. This operation allows you to align the hairs all in the same direction, facilitating the action of the razor. Also, remove the dead skin cells and the razor manages to get even closer to the root of the hair.
To exfoliate yourself, take a shower, as usual, take your vegetable sponge and proceed!

5) Wet the skin of the genital area with warm water and put the shaving gel.
This phase is fundamental. Never shave without using any type of lubricant. If you do not use a foam or a similar product you will find it full of red and unattractive pimples, which nobody wants.
It is better to use a non-perfumed gel specific to the bikini area. If you have particularly sensitive skin, take a test in a small area before spreading it over the entire pubis. Occasionally someone shows allergic reactions.
Buy a clear gel, which does not foam, so you can clearly monitor what you’re doing.

6) Wet a new razor lightly.
The more blades it has, the better it is. Fewer blades have (and older is the razor) and more passes will be necessary to shave (besides the fact that you will waste time to reapply the gel). Choose a model that has lubricating bearings as a preventive measure.
If you take care of it, you can reuse the razor. Make sure to wash it thoroughly when you’re done, but do not leave it wet: the water erodes the metal of the blades making them slightly sharp.

7) Pass the razor gently, slowly and continuously, with long passages following the direction of the hairs.
In this way, you cut each hair without creating any tips that you can then incarnate. Put a hand immediately under the stomach, above the line of pubic hair, to better stretch the skin during shaving.
Let the blade do the shaving work, do not press or pull the skin. Do not make too many passes because the blade, together with the hair, eliminates a very thin layer of leather.
If you have thick and curly hair, and you have difficulty shaving, you can try an electric shaver to shorten the hair as much as possible, and then finish with the blade razor for finishing.
Rinse the razor often, especially if it is clogged with cut hairs.

Shave between the thighs

8) Fold the pelvis and lift the leg you want to depilate, this will allow you a great view while you shave.
Usually, you start with the opposite side of the hand you use preferably, or the left side in case you are right-handed, so the work will be faster and easier. Put the leg on the wall if necessary.
The process for this phase is the same as explained above, also for the issue of exfoliation. However, razor irritation and ingrown hairs are less likely in this area, so the hardest part has already passed.

9) Wet the area with warm water and apply shaving gel, taking care to avoid contact of the gel with the labia majora.
If this happens, rinse immediately with water and start again.

10) Shave by moving the razor horizontally, proceeding slowly from the outside to the inside.
Be delicate. Finish each step before the lip. Eliminate gel residues when you’re done with the first side.
You can try to widen your legs more so that the skin you are shaving is taut and the razor does not move on to lines or skin folds.
Repeat the operation for the other side using the same technique.

Preventing irritations

11) Exfoliate again.
You’re probably thinking “Still?” Exactly, you have to redo it! The exfoliation after shaving allows you to eliminate the dead skin that the razor has lifted, and realigns the hair follicles avoiding the growth of ingrown hairs (which are the worst thing).
Use a sugar scrub, at this stage it is exceptional. If you’re not in your bathroom, you can prepare a paste with baking soda and water that will leave your skin soft to the touch. This is obviously the non plus ultra of shaving the bikini area.

12) Dry by dabbing with a soft cloth.
Do not rub the skin otherwise, it may become irritated. Always be very careful and accurate.
If you have noticed that you have left out some hair, use a pair of tweezers to remove it. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time shaving and then be realizing you’ve forgotten someone.

13) Hydrated.
Use an unscented product because the fragrances can be irritating, especially on freshly shaved skin. Aloe vera and oil for children are two classic and effective solutions.
It also avoids dyes. If you use a lotion, make sure it is as neutral as possible. If you want, you can use fragrant intimates later.

14) Apply talcum to the area, or baby lotion, to prevent irritation.
But do not exaggerate! Excessive use of these products does not breathe the skin causing pimples and irritations. Also, make sure that no product enters your vagina!

15) Pass a few days between a shave and the next.
If you want to constantly maintain a totally hairless look, perhaps you should think about other techniques, such as waxing or laser photo epilation. Shaving works but requires continuous adjustments.


Do not clean dry. I repeat: Do not shave dry.
Tight pants or underwear can cause irritation immediately after shaving. Opt for cotton panties and soft pants to avoid pimples and ingrown hairs.
Do not shave the same point again and again! Otherwise, it causes the growth of ingrown hairs that are not attractive and VERY painful!
Aloe vera is an excellent shaving product. It also prevents itching and future irritations.
Do not shave off against or over recent shaving pimples.
Always use products well tolerated by your skin, avoid using for this purpose products never tested before.

Things you will need –
– Transparent gel for shaving
– New razor
– Stencil
– Electric shaver or scissors
– Soft towel
– Talc or lotion for newborns
– Vegetable sponge
– Exfoliating to use in the shower

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