How to Quickly Alleviate Ocular Fatigue

How to Quickly Alleviate Ocular Fatigue

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How to Quickly Alleviate Ocular Fatigue

1) Make the effort to blink 300 times a day.
People between the ages of 20 and 40 are blinking about 20 times a minute. However, when we fix our gaze on a computer screen, the number of beats decreases to 4 or 5 times per minute. The resulting lack of lacrimal secretions causes symptoms of dehydration and rigidity. Therefore, the beating of the eyes is very important for eye protection. Generally speaking, blinking 300 times a day not only contributes to tearing secretion and relieves symptoms of dryness and stiffness but also cleanses the eyes. It is, therefore, useful to alleviate ocular fatigue. Hot water, warm towels or steam more than promoting blood circulation in the eye area, can instead accentuate ocular fatigue.

How to Quickly Alleviate Ocular Fatigue

2) Method of compression of the eyeball.
Close your eyes and gently press them with three fingers (index, middle and ring finger) making circular movements. Do not press too long or too much and do not rub your eyes. It is advisable to stop the movement after about 20 seconds.

3) Pressure on the forehead.
With the three middle fingers, make circular movements from the forehead to the temples, massaging them, then vigorously press the temples with the indexes. You will experience discomfort in the lower part of the eyes. Repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times.

6) Glabella compression method.
With your thumb, gently press the point under the eyebrows and make circular movements. Repeat the exercise 3 times, first with the right eye, then with the left eye. Do not move your head during the process.

7) Take a larger quantity of healthy foods for the eyes.
Modern medical research shows that vitamins and the onset of eye diseases are closely linked. Excessive eye use requires more vitamins and minerals. Therefore, experts recommend that people suffering from ocular fatigue pay attention to their diet by following a nutritious and balanced diet. They should, therefore, take in larger quantities of whole grains, raw cereals, green vegetables, potatoes, beans, fruit and, in general, foods rich in vitamins, proteins and cellulose. The dehydrated eyes reflect the lack of moisture, which can easily cause the phenomenon of ocular fatigue. Vitamins A or B contained in carrots and cucurbits can be of considerable help.


In addition, black beans, walnuts, loquats, blackberries, etc., taken in adequate quantities, can cure or prevent dryness and ocular fatigue.
Wash your face with warm water and close your eyes for a few minutes.
As described in the article, it will be enough to learn to pay attention to your eyes and take the necessary measures to protect them to avoid tiring them.

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