How to prevent loss of hearing

How to prevent loss of hearing
Ear care

How to prevent loss of hearing

High music, childhood diseases, noise at work, heavy traffic, inappropriate hearing protection: all these conditions can cause hearing loss. Read the guide and make good use of its tips to better preserve your hearing skills.

1) Understand that it is not always possible to prevent hearing loss.

Genetics can play its role in hearing loss (Waardenburg or Crouzon syndrome). There are treatments for some forms of hearing loss due to genetics. Talk to your doctor for more information.

2) Be aware that hearing loss in children can sometimes be prevented.

Children born to mothers with chickenpox or rubella often present a form of hearing loss or deafness. Women wishing to have a child should consider vaccinating with the MMR vaccine (against measles, mumps and rubella) before becoming pregnant. Even meningitis, chronic infections of the middle ear or measles can cause hearing loss in children. Vaccines and regular medical visits are valid preventive steps.

3) Understand what to do to protect your hearing.
There are many factors that can contribute to hearing loss, the following list provides methods of prevention in case the disease is not related to genetics or disease.
Wear earplugs or other appropriate protection if you are working in an area where noisy machinery is being used. If you have to scream to communicate with a person who is an arm away from you, it means that you are in an area at risk of hearing loss. If when you leave work, you hear a ringing in your ears and/or your hearing is dull or muffled, it means you have been exposed to a situation that can cause hearing loss.
Avoid, or limit the exposure, to excessively loud noises.

Some of them are:

Music issued at high volume. Participating in concerts where the volume is excessively high can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus (persistent buzzing in the ears). Even the use of earphones for listening to loud music can cause hearing loss. Be careful using iPods and MP3 players. These devices can reach 130 decibels.
Gunshots. When shooting at a target or shooting range, always wear hearing protection. Even hunters in the act of hunting should do the same.
Regular equipment such as snowmobiles, lawnmowers, power tools, and even vacuum cleaners can cause hearing loss. Wear caps, headphones or a helmet if you spend a lot of time using one of these machines.

How to prevent loss of hearing

Before wearing headphones, always check the volume of your iPod. The last thing your ears want is a sudden explosion of noise after pressing the play button, which could damage them.
Earphones, more than normal headphones, tend to cause hearing loss. Therefore, when you wear them, it is highly recommended to keep the volume to a minimum, especially if you are using a pair with a noise filter.
Noises above 85 decibels can damage your hearing. Learn about the levels of the noises you are exposed to most often.
Give a break to your ears. Limit the time spent using devices that can produce numerous decibels, such as TV or stereo. Find activities that do not involve loud noises, like riding a bike in a park or hiking in nature.
Test your hearing regularly, especially if you are often exposed to loud noises due to noise pollution or your work environment.
If people who are 1 meter away can hear what you’re listening to when you’re wearing headphones, it means the volume is too loud!

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