How to increase weight in a month. Here is a complete solution for your health.

How to increase weight in a month
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How to increase weight?

Being underweight is not nice, not healthy and does not feel good. With us, you will learn how to grow in a healthy way.

Get healthy 

Many people are struggling with overweight. However, there are not a few people who have problems with the opposite: with underweight. What to do? Simply swallow mountain chocolate, ice cream and creampie? And avoid low-calorie lettuce and vegetables? Does not sound very healthy. Find out how you can grow, how you can get your weight out of your reach and reach your personal ideal weight – in a healthy way

How to increase weight in a month


Increasing can be more difficult than losing weight

“Eat something finally!” Or “As beautiful as I would like to have it and to eat everything I want!” Phrases of this type can bring an unwanted underweight almost to the palm.

Because often you eat and eat and eat – and still does not. Or you simply do not have an appetite for all the fat and unhealthy foods that you obviously have to eat in order not to fall completely from the meat.

Are you underweight?

However, before you try to gain weight, it is important to find out whether you are actually underweight or whether you are not much more likely to be persuaded by your environment to be too thin.

For the genetic make-up, and thus the physique, also determine whether a certain weight is actually low or whether the weight is perfectly in order.

What type are you?

It is interesting in this context that the constitutional typology developed by the American physician William (1898 – 1977), according to which he divided physically into three categories:

The mesomorphic type

Mesomorphic people are the typical athletes and bodybuilders: in men, this is manifested in a distinctive chest, wide shoulders and narrow hips. For women in the curvy figure with the coveted 90-60-90-measure.

Muscle builds up this type well and quickly. Fat – when no sport is operated – is preferred on the abdomen and hips, less on the extremities.

The mesomorphic type will hardly run the risk of being underweight.

The endomorphic type

The short-lived people with short arms and legs and a round face, which tend to be fat storage and thus overweight, are called endomorphic.

You often have the feeling that you only have to look at edible foods to gain weight. This type is often both a sporting activity and the weight loss difficult.

Also, endomorphic types are almost never threatened by decreased in weight  – except, of course, in case of illness.

The ectomorphic type

The ectomorphic human type, on the other hand, is narrowly built and usually has long fine-limbed arms and legs. It is often high-growth and stores little fat.

Ectomorphs can often eat vast amounts without adding noticeable weight. A person with ectomorphic physique can be a good marathon runner.

However, he will most likely not win a bodybuilding competition – simply because he is slowly building muscles and will never develop such muscle packs as the mesomorphic type.

The BMI – 

The usual classification into overweight, normal or underweight is still often carried out using the BMI (Body Mass Index).

In the BMI tables, however, ectomorphic people are regularly present either at the lower limit of the normal weight or already clearly in the area of the underweight, if not already in the anorexia.

Therefore, even mesomorphic people with BMI tables are often not happy, they find – if they are well-trained – quickly in the category of overweight or even obesity. Therefore, you should not allow yourself to be pushed into one or the other drawer via the BMI.

Reasons for underweight

However, if you are actually underweight and need to increase, consider the possible reasons for your underweight:

Weight loss due to low-calorie intake

A common reason for overweight or underweight is that the people actually consume more energy than they feed with the food.

Underweight in old age

Especially among seniors, there are many people with underweight. Loneliness, depression, some diseases, tooth (prosthesis) problems or even medicines can lead to loss of appetite and this can turn into underweight.

Underweight by disease

In addition, diseases such as cancer, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, fungal infections, food intolerances associated with frequent diarrhoea, stomach (partial) removal, eating disorders and some pulmonary diseases may lead to an underweight.

by thyroid gland over function

Also, an over the function of the thyroid gland can be the reason for an underweight, since it boosts the metabolism massively.

 by stress and worry

In the same way, emotional stress and stress often lead to eating disorders at any age. These can manifest themselves in food attacks and thus cause overweight. Stress is also much more common, but also leads to loss of appetite and thus to long-term underweight.

 by sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, maltitol or xylitol can lead to diarrhoea – consumed to an extreme.  Chronic diarrhoea and soon afterwards underweight can be the consequences.

Underweight by a gastric acid deficiency

In the case of an underweight, there may also be a stomach acid deficiency which prevents the proper use of food.

The diet for underweight people

Not infrequently, the diet plans to add weight is full of inferior fat and sugary foods (cream yoghurt, cream desserts, fat cheese, sweetened drinks, etc.).

Fat is preferred because fat provides more than twice as many calories as the same amount of carbohydrate or protein.

Moreover, calorie-rich dietary supplements such as, For example, maltodextrin. At the same time, it is advisable to move away from movement – according to the motto: “Keep your feet motionless in front of the TV and fatten yourself with fat, sugary food.


General measures for healthy weight gain

The following measures for increasing weight naturally do not fit every person.

They must be adapted to the respective person and his condition or the cause of the underweight.

A person who is underweight because of a stomach removal, for example, must be very careful with fatty foods.

A senior woman who has problems with her teeth, the advice of eating nuts and seeds as an intermediate meal is little.

Underweight must, therefore, be remedied by means of entirely individual steps.

Healthy food for underweight

As always, the diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, sprouts, oilseeds, healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates and healthy protein suppliers. The underweight now increases the amount of both healthy protein-rich and energy-rich foods. These are the following:

High-quality greases

Nuts, walnuts, almonds, almond, student feed, oilseeds (eg peeled hemp seed, freshly ground linseed), avocado, coconut, coconut milk, coconut, olives, natural oils ( olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter) organic cream. Homemade sweets (chocolate, cakes, energy balls, etc.)

High-quality carbohydrates

Dried fruits, fruit cuttings, quinoa, amaranth, chestnuts and products thereof, millet, buckwheat, whole-grain rice, spelt pastry, spelt or rye wholemeal bread, oats, tiger nuts, teff

High-quality proteins

Nuts, almonds, quinoa, millet, oats, legumes, chia seeds, organic eggs, fish or organic meat, possibly natural protein powders such as lupine protein, hemp protein.

Number of meals per day for underweight

Ideal for underweight 6 to 8 meals per day. In this way, firstly the daily calorie quantity can be increased.


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