How to Free an Ear Congestion with Olive Oil

How to Free an Ear Congestion with Olive Oil
Ear care

How to Free an Ear Congestion with Olive Oil

Many people think that they are becoming deaf or have suffered hearing damage when in reality they are only suffering from congestion caused by an excess of earwax. Earwax is not a terrible enemy. It is a defence mechanism to protect your ear from an infection of germs, but sometimes it can produce excess due to some of your behaviours. Among the main causes, there may be excessive use of headphones and hearing aids. Continue reading to find out how to delete it!


1) Get a pharmaceutical product based on olive oil, preferably spraying, which you can find online or in specialized stores.
It has the property of naturally breaking the ear wax, is safe for people of almost all ages and contains no other substance, especially chemicals.

2) Follow the instructions given, which basically indicate to point the spray in the ear and spray.
Olive oil is then atomized in the ear. It’s a small amount, but it really works. Once sprayed, put a finger on the tragus, the small flat flap of the skin near the base (or where it should be!). Yes, it is precisely that needle that folds comfortably back to cover the opening of the ear. Rub it quickly, so help the olive oil to have more effect. Also, you do not have to tilt your head to one side, but it is enough to plug your ear with a cotton swab, or you will lie down for about half an hour. You can spray the oil once for each ear and continue doing your normal activities. This method is particularly useful for children who are impossible to keep still.

3) Leave the oil to act in the ear.
Perhaps not a single dose is enough, but it can start to soften the wax and move it, so keep it in your ear until the next splash!      16 OCTOBER  2018    विज्ञापन पर भी यहां क्लिक करें

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4) Wash well, in the end, taking a hot shower.
Tilt your head for a few seconds on both sides and you should notice a difference, as you should immediately feel good again!

5) Do not use pharmaceutical oil packaged in a normal bottle.
If you pour it from the bottle or apply it with a spoon or a dropper, you risk filling your ear and greasing your whole neck with oil. Furthermore, there is a good chance that the earwax will harden and worsen your congestion.

6) Do not use cotton swabs.
You could push the ear wax deeper and risk having to go to a doctor to remove it. Even if you think you have found the right technique, you could make the situation worse.

How to Free an Ear Congestion with Olive Oil


When you are doing the spray treatment try to open your mouth while you spray. In this way, you enlarge the auditory canal a little and may be more effective. (The same goes for the earphones, it becomes easier to insert them).


Cotton swabs can lead to deafness if you push too deeply!
Do not use cooking olive oil! This is not as pure as the pharmaceutical one, and it can increase the chances of infection; so do not take absolutely the old half-used bottle you have in the cabinet! Take care of your ears as you would for any other part of the body, and use a specific hygienic product.

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