How to cure onychomycosis

How to cure onychomycosis
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Fungal infections of the toes, also called onychomycosis, are not pleasant. You may notice a discolouration of the nails, bad smell and residue until the nail falls. Although it may seem a disturbing condition, the good news is that it is treatable and that the future health of your toenails is guaranteed if you continue to take care of them and to take the necessary precautions to avoid infections. Be very careful when treating nail infections; even if you can cure them at home, it is still a very long process that requires the involvement of the doctor. This article describes some simple but effective remedies and provides some general information.

How to cure onychomycosis

Consult a doctor

1) Look for a remedy in time.
Timely treatment is important, in this way the condition is less severe and easier to manage; furthermore, reduce the chances of recurrence and avoid having to remove the nail. This is an important thing to remember: mycosis does not heal on its own and home remedies are rarely effective.

2) Understand the action of the various treatments.
There are many methods that a doctor can prescribe to treat the nail and the choice is largely based on the severity of the infection. Most therapies need weeks to take effect and you may be bothered by such a demanding regimen.
Topical medicines can be prescribed. These are creams and lotions to be applied on the nail.
Sometimes oral antifungals are used. There are several types and can cause unwanted side effects, especially in those individuals who suffer from other systemic diseases; however, your doctor knows your medical history and will be well advised.
An antifungal enamel is sometimes prescribed to combat these infections. It could be an easy way to get rid of the problem, but you need a prescription.

cure onychomycosis

3) Follow your doctor’s instructions.
It is very important because an inconstant therapy can make the infection worse and expose to recurrences. You should also consult your doctor before mixing different treatments.

Treat Infected Nail

4) Leave your foot to the air as much as possible.
Socks and wet shoes promote the proliferation of mushrooms. Try to stay barefoot as much as possible. Wear sandals when you can. Change the socks every day. The white socks are bleached and are the most suitable.

5) Do not wear tight shoes.
Keep the toes in contact with each other, increasing the chances of transferring the infection from one to the other, as well as creating a more humid environment. If you like wearing high-heeled shoes, you could take a break if they hold their fingers together. You should also wear only “breathable” shoes. The tight socks create the same problem.

6) Dry your feet well every time they get wet.
After swimming, swimming or after sweating, dry your feet thoroughly. In this way you avoid the infection getting worse. Be especially careful in public pools and other similar places where you could spread the fungus. Avoid these places or find a way to cover your feet.

Alternative Remedies

7) Understand the importance of medical treatment.
Fungal nail infections are extremely complicated and it takes a lot of time and attention to cure them completely. If you do not do it correctly, the infection will reoccur. So go to a doctor; in the meantime, you can use methods to reduce pain and promote the healing process. But first, you need to consult with your doctor, to avoid implementing actions that conflict with the prescribed therapy.

7) Remove the excess nail.
For those cases in which the fungus is very rooted and has managed to lift the nail from its base, it is necessary to remove the excess part. Dip the foot in warm water for 20-30 minutes. Then he begins to cut the nail. You’ll be surprised how much is no longer attached to your finger, as the fungus has invaded the area below. Although it may seem troubling, it is completely normal. Simply cut the nail and with it part of the fungus. Remove as much fabric as possible that has an abnormal appearance. Take away the cuticles: at this point, it is important to be accurate.
Never tear your fingernail. Always use a nail clipper or clean scissors. If you do this after the bath it will be much easier because the nail has softened.
If you feel pain, do not proceed. Go to the doctor or podiatrist. A precise removal of the nail guarantees a normal and healthy regrowth (on the contrary, you may find yourself a deformed nail).

7) Use Vick’s VapoRub (TM) or an alternative generic product.
Keep it near the bed and apply it to the infected area before wearing the socks. Make sure the nail is dry to avoid trapping moisture under the product. This method takes some time, like other more expensive products.

8) Try water and vinegar.
Make foot baths with this mixture for about 30 minutes every night. This will lower the nail pH and the fungus will not survive for long. You have to do it regularly every night for six months. Even if it’s a bit challenging, it works.

9) Use essential oils.
Apply them with confidence, morning and evening, to strengthen and treat the nail. You can buy them at the pharmacy; many people guarantee 100% the effectiveness of pure melaleuca oil or orange oil (5-10% pure) dissolved in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and alcohol. Shake the mixture before each application and use a dropper ensuring that the liquid penetrates under the nail and covers it completely. When the nail begins to regrow, it continues to remove dead tissue and maintain proper hygiene in the area.

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