How to Block a Cough without Using a Syrup

How to Block a Cough without Using a Syrup , cough syrup
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How to Block a Cough without Using a Syrup

Do you have a cough that just does not want to go away? Most people spend astronomical amounts buying cough syrups and let’s face it, they usually do not taste good. And who knows if in ten years we will discover that the cough syrups are not really the ideal choice. Here are some natural and/or effective methods to prevent a cough from taking over.


1) Just stop coughing!
It’s easier said than done, but if you think about it, it makes sense. The more you a cough, the more your poor throat becomes inflamed. Inflammation is the main cause of a cough (unless you have stagnant mucus in the lungs). You will often notice that once all the mucus is expelled (bleah!) You will continue to cough. At this point, the cough is completely useless. So when you feel a cough is coming, try to think, “Is this cough really necessary?” You should be able to understand it and most of the time you decide that it is not necessary. Just stop coughing. Drink water, think of something else or make sure you do not cough. You will be surprised at how fast the cough will decrease in intensity.

2) Cough tablets.
Cough sweets are a great solution to keep your throat moisturized, further helping to stop your cough. As mentioned before, the less you a cough, the faster your throat will heal. However, pay attention to how many tablets you can take (it is written on the package insert or on the box). Many pharmaceutical companies will advise you to take only a few candies a day. There will probably be a good reason.

3) Water.
Once again, keep your throat and your body hydrated. It will help your throat to stay a little better and will facilitate the body to free itself from the cause of a cough. However, make sure the water is not cold. The best solution is to drink water at room temperature.                                                                                                              1 JUNE 2018

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4) Drugs used to treat allergy.
Sometimes we do not realize it, but a cough can simply be caused by allergies. If you are not aware of the different seasonal allergies, just ask one of your allergic friends if it is a period favourable to the development of allergies: it is very likely that it is. A cause could be the post-nasal drip syndrome, when the mucus runs from the nose to the throat and then ends up in the lungs (hence the cough); thus becomes a problem to be solved with the doctor. In this case, a nasal spray is a great choice. Be sure to contact your doctor right from the start considering that many over-the-counter nasal sprays cannot be taken for too long without side effects.

5) Avoid cold foods!
They are inviting, but the ice cream will only make you cough more, and the more you a cough, the more the cough will be persistent.

6) Stop smoking!
If there is something that makes a cough worse, it is smoking or staying close to a smoker.

7) Tea with honey.
To relieve the inflamed throat, try drinking hot tea with honey. Hot tea gives relief to the throat, while honey provides a protective film. There are teas that have fluidizing properties. Consider that doing the puzzles will still help you solve the problem.

8) Sleep, eat, rest.
Take care of yourself. This allows your body to eradicate a cough. Take vitamin C and eat healthy foods. The more you take care of yourself, the faster you will take the path of healing.


Always contact your doctor before taking initiatives. Try to determine the cause of a cough. Once established, you can treat a cough better with a longer-lasting effect.

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