How to Avoid Dehydration

How to Avoid Dehydration
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Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids than the fluid intake. This is a common problem, especially among children, among those who exercise and in sick people. Fortunately, it is almost always a condition that can be prevented.

1) Drink plenty of water!  to avoid dehydration

Doctors say that when we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated. Therefore it continues to drink water. It does not contain calories and brings many beneficial effects to your health. A good way to remind you to drink is to link the gesture to each ring of the phone. Whenever someone calls you, drink a glass of water.

How to Avoid Dehydration

2) Choose a weather-friendly clothing to be sure you do not sweat more than you need. On warm and damp days, she wears light clothes.
If you intend to do sports or do a tiring job, drink in advance. It is also important to drink at regular intervals (about 20 minutes) during the activity.

3) The most common dehydration signals are:
Dry and cracked lips
Sense of sting or dizziness
Dry and sticky mouth
Lack of urine or dark urine

If any of these symptoms occur, rest briefly in a cool area and drink plenty of water.

4) Often dehydration accompanies stomach discomfort.
Through vomiting and dysentery, the body loses many fluids. Also, in case of nausea, you often do not want to eat or drink. The best thing to do however is to sip water or herbal teas at room temperature. Icicles are also an effective choice.

If you have trouble drinking plenty of water, you can try to flavour it with lime, lemon or orange juice. Alternatively, you can sip good broth in order to restore lost liquids. Fruit and vegetable juices, tea and coffee contribute to the daily intake of liquids but avoid adding sugar and not exaggerating with caffeine.

5) Another valid metric:  for  avoid  dehydration

You should urinate at least three times a day. If that were not the case, you would have to assume a lot of fluids.
Urine is a good indicator when you want to be sure to take enough liquid. It should be sufficiently clear to allow you to read through easily.

6) Drink more water even at school. for  avoid  dehydration
Eating fruity fruit with water, such as watermelon, your body’s fluid levels will increase.
Every 10-15 minutes of exercise, drink a glass of water. If the duration of the training session lasts longer than 30 minutes, especially in warm weather, it assures your body a greater amount of liquid and, possibly, a small amount of sodium (according to USA Today).
In case of moderate or intense training or a sports event that lasts longer than 60 minutes, especially in hot weather, it is important to drink at least 30 cm of water in the previous 15 minutes, in addition to the recommended dose of 240 ml every 15 minutes. At the end of the exercise, you drink at least another 240 ml of water.

If your body is dehydrated (2% or more), you may become lethargic and irritable. By drinking a dose of proper fluids, you will not only hydrate and refresh your body, purify your system from toxins by expelling them out, guarantee the transport of nutrients, lubricate the joints, help the digestive system and run away the slag.

7) To find out how much water you should drink each day, follow the rule of the half. Begin by calculating the weight of your body in pounds and dividing it into the half. The number you get will be equal to the number of times you need to drink every day.
Limits the amount of salt you take on a daily basis. The fries are greasy, but they quickly dehydrate the body. If you plan to eat something very salty, make sure you have the water at your fingertips.
On windy days, drink more. The wind sweeps away liquids from the body.


Most dehydration cases are solvable by taking liquids. But in case of prolonged stunning or possible fainting, it is advisable to consult a physician.
Do not try to hydrate your body with alcoholic beverages. They will not help and could worsen the situation.

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