How to Apply Eye Contour Cream

How to Apply Eye Contour Cream
Eye diseases

How to Apply Eye Contour Cream

The eyes are the part of the face that attracts the most number of looks. It is therefore natural to want to have a tonic, young and rested eye contour. In that area of the face, the skin is extremely delicate and is often the first to show the signs of aageing Using an eye contour cream is a great way to counteract the problems afflicting the skin. To get the best possible benefits, the first thing to do is learn how to select and apply the product correctly.

Apply the Eye Contour Cream

1) Wash your face.
Clean skin will better absorb the product. Always clean your face thoroughly before applying eye cream, whether you intend to use it in a day or night version.
Wash your face with warm water. Excessive heat could make it dry and dehydrated.
Choose a mild detergent. You prefer a cream formula to moisturize your skin while you wash it.
Moisten the skin, then gently massage the detergent on the entire surface of the face making circular movements. Rinse to remove all traces of soap, then wipe the face with a soft and clean towel.

2) Take the product from the package.
After washing and drying your face, continue with your daily beauty routine by applying tonic, serum or any other product you have chosen to take care of your skin. The eye contour cream must be the last cosmetic to be applied. Make sure you have perfectly clean hands before removing it from the packaging.
Most eye contour creams are contained in small jars. After washing your hands, use the ring finger to pick up a small amount of product.
Generally, the consistency of the eye contour creams is denser than that of common moisturizing products. For this reason, it is sufficient to apply a small dose.
It takes a quantity of cream equal to the size of a pea. If necessary, you can add more at a later time.
The same process is to be considered also suitable for gel products. In this case, however, you may need to use a slightly larger amount.

3) Apply the cream to the area around the eyes.
It is important to spread it on the skin using only the ring finger. Being the weaker finger of the hand, you will be less likely to apply excessive pressure on the sensitive and easily perishable skin around the eyes.
Tap the product on the area surrounding the eyes. Do not rub to avoid tearing or scratching the skin.
Do not forget to apply the cream evenly over the eyes. Pin it over the eyelids, under the eyebrows, covering the entire arch of the bone surrounding the eye socket.
Imagine wearing sunglasses: the part of skin covered by glasses is the one on which you have to apply the cream                                                                                                                                                                                        26 MAY 2018

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4) Choose the right time.
Some cosmetics have been specially formulated to act during the night, so they must be applied in the evening, before going to sleep. They generally have a thicker consistency than normal and may contain ingredients capable of countering the signs of ageing. The advice is to apply them at least 15 minutes before going to bed.
It is important that the skin has time to absorb the cream, otherwise, it may end up in your eyes once you have laid down. Besides that, you definitely want to avoid being absorbed by the pillowcase instead of the pillowcase.
If your eyes start to burn, it means that you have probably lain down without giving the product time to penetrate into the skin. Anticipate the moment of application to have time to be absorbed. Always avoid the eyelid area.
If you are particularly concerned about the condition of your eye area, you can also apply a day version of the cosmetic. Wait at least 15 minutes before applying make-up.

How to Apply Eye Contour Cream

Choose the Eye Contour Cream

5) Analyze your needs.
The world perceives your eyes as your business card. It is perfectly understandable to want the surrounding skin to look beautiful and healthy. Before buying a cosmetic for the eye contour, reflect a few moments on your priorities.
There are products specifically formulated to treat symptoms such as puffiness, dark circles, bags and so on. If you think the area around your eyes is slightly swollen, red or irritated, look for a cream that contains ingredients that can alleviate your specific condition.
For most people, wrinkles and signs of expression are the annoyances they most want to eliminate. In this case, choose a cream that contains antioxidants and vitamins, substances that can heal the skin.
In any case, be sure to choose a fragrance-free product. The substances added to perfume the cosmetics can irritate the skin, so they should be avoided, whatever the area of the face to be treated.

6) Test different products through samples.
Eye contour creams are often quite expensive. Having to pay such a high price for such a small amount of product could make you decide to give up the idea of using it. Before bidding with a purchase, consider testing different options.
Do some research. Many blogs and websites provide dozens of free reviews and tips that can help you choose the most effective product. Base your research on the needs of your skin.
Go to the perfumery. In many cases, the store staff will be happy to offer you advice and to give you free samples. Visit several stores asking if they offer this type of customer service.
Remember that it may take a few weeks before the first results are visible. However, by testing different products thanks to the free samples, you should still be able to identify the one with the consistency and the most suitable yield to your skin.

7) Ask an expert for advice.
The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Sometimes managing to keep it healthy may not be easy. Fortunately, there are different types of experts that you can consult to clarify in case of doubts or disturbances.
Visit an aesthetic centre. Thanks to its preparation, the beautician will be able to examine your skin and provide you with personalized advice. Surely you will know also what is the best eye contour product in your case.
Go to the dermatologist. The dermatologist is a doctor who can help you have healthier and more beautiful skin. The tips you will receive will be specific to the characteristics and needs of your skin.
Chat with friends. Do some of your friends seem to be immune to dark circles and bags under their eyes? Ask them which creams they use.

Keeping Healthy Skin

8) Keep your body properly hydrated.
In addition to applying a specific eye contour product, you need to make sure your skin stays healthy. To take proper care of it, one of the most important things you need to do is drink enough. A well-hydrated body has the ability to maintain the right level of moisture in the skin.
In addition to drinking the right amount of water, you must also make sure your skin receives enough moisture from the environment around you.
Try using a humidifier. If the air in your home is particularly dry, you can increase the percentage of humidity using a humidifier.
Cold air tends to dry out the skin. During winter days, protect your face by wearing a large scarf.
Hydrate the skin on your face and body as soon as you step out of the shower. This will allow you to retain a greater amount of moisture.

9) Create an effective daily beauty routine.
Having a beautiful and healthy skin requires some effort. If you want your face to always look fresh, bright and healthy, you need to plan several steps that will allow you to take care of it appropriately. To start, it is important to clean the skin deeply with a mild detergent.
Wash your face twice a day. Remember that more frequent washing could dry or damage the skin.
Currency to use a tonic or serum. The function of these products is to make the skin softer and more elastic.
Hydrate the entire surface of the face. In the morning use a day cream, while in the evening apply a night cream, generally with a richer and nourishing consistency.
Do not forget to protect your face from sunlight. Make sure your day products are equipped with SPF (sun protection factor); if not, apply a sunscreen before leaving home.

10) Get some rest.
The lack of sleep can severely damage the skin, especially the highly sensitive and delicate eye contour. When you do not sleep enough, your face may present unsightly puffiness and dark circles.
Try to sleep every night about 7-9 hours.
Take it easy. Stress can cause the same damage as sleeplessness.
Try practising yoga or meditation. Both can help relieve tension, thereby improving the appearance of your skin. When you are relaxed, your face looks younger and brighter.

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