How to Organize an Art Exhibition

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

Organizing an art exhibition can be a gratifying and creative project, especially if your artworks are exhibited in addition to those of other artists. It is not a challenge-free business, and to centre, you have to plan everything in the least detail!

1) Choose a theme.
It is not enough to expose a good number of works of art, but you need to find a thread. Additionally, you need to be quite specific in choosing the theme, especially when it comes to unknown or unknowable artists because, in this way, you can attract a public interested in the subject explored. For this reason, it is important not to be vague: an exhibition called “Lights and Shadows” will not attract many people.
A specific theme can also be of great help in solving practical aspects of the exhibition, such as the choice of the title and the selection of other artists.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition choose a theme

2) Find other artists.
Look for art clubs or markets where sometimes talented artists are selling their own works. Ask for information about contacting local artists. Works of art inspired by a single theme, or even in open contradiction with the main idea, will give the exhibition an excellent momentum.
Do not limit the choice of artists to a single expressive medium. You can create dynamic collaborations taking into consideration painting, sculpture, portraiture, photography, glass art, musical performances and so on.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

3) Find a suitable venue for the show.
Among the various possibilities, consider renting a studio, especially if you have good contacts within the artistic community. The site will be chosen according to the size of the project, but warehouses, restaurants, bars, libraries and even private homes are generally suitable for this purpose. Make sure the locale you choose is clean, clean and spacious enough to accommodate the show.
Be sure to choose a place that suits the theme of your work. A modern room with laminate flooring and dull, white or pale walls will be perfect for almost all kinds of exhibitions. However, events with an industrial, rural, dark, romantic or sterile atmosphere that do not fit well in a modern and comfortable environment are an exception.
Pay particular attention to the available lighting system. Both the large windows and the floor lighting can be used, which can be very useful for illuminating works of art.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

4) Set the date.
Give yourself enough time to organize everything, otherwise, you would end up doing a rough job that would negatively affect sales. Ideally, you should always organize an exhibition on a weekend, so that even those who work during the week have the opportunity to participate, along with families who often go on a trip to exhibitions.
Choose a cold, rainy, and dark period for the exhibition organization. It would be better not to compete with picnics and sea trips.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

5) Set prices.
Consider all the expenses you’ve been facing, including those for rental of the premises, materials, advertising, for your remuneration and for artists and any percentage to be used for charity. Consider the need for an entry ticket.

6) Show the spirit of the trader in you.
Do not just deal with the sale of artwork, but it also points to prints of works to be sold in groups of five. If a percentage of proceeds going to charity, there would be more opportunities to attract people and sell these works.

7) Busy with bureaucratic issues.
Among other things, an insurance coverage will be required for the exhibition (or the signing of a renunciation by the artists), a program and assistants to coordinate the collection and delivery of works of art. Furthermore, the details will be necessary for the display of each piece (the way in which to present it, position it, hang it, light it, etc.), the notes of the artists to keep in a folder at hand during the event, a price list prices, models that are close to the works throughout the exhibition (doing shifts with artists) and many other logistic details. The best way to tackle this issue is to visit other events, exhibitions, galleries, and compare with organizers who already have experience in the field of exhibitions.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

8) Spread the exhibition.
Create postcards that artists can send to invitees. If it was a high-level event, make a press release. Post posters near art schools, universities, fashionable neighbourhoods, bars, clubs, or even supermarket desks. Contact local newspapers to let them know about the upcoming exhibition.

9) Set up the exhibition space.
Imagine the way visitors interact with the room. Obviously, the arrangement must provide a continuous visual stream, but you also have to physically direct people through the spaces so they become active and not just attendees. Which piece should first admire? In which direction should they advance? Are there dead zones? Maybe a difficult circulation would be more suitable for the theme of the show?
You could add a description of each piece.
Prices must always be clearly visible.
Carries the works with great care. The window frames may break if you stack pieces that are too heavy. Get artwork using common sense.

How to Organize an Art Exhibition

10) Entertain guests with food and drink.
If you can afford it, offer champagne, wine and non-alcoholic cocktails with a buffet and appetizers. Alternatively, offer refreshments only during the exclusive inauguration by invitation.
If you have organized an elegant event, suggest a nice music background and a buffet with appetizers and one-off foods such as shrimp, falafel and small salty cakes.

11) Tips
Make sure you give the right credit to the artists. Propose them to participate in a debate to discuss their artwork with guests.
Theme inauguration If you want to organize a themed event, ask the artists to wear clothes that match the chosen theme: high-class clothing will be a must for an elegant event, while a Victorian-style evening will require clothes in line with that one. atmosphere. Organizers will also have to participate in themed dresses.
Do the honours by presenting the artists to potential buyers to stimulate the conversation. Fly through the crowd like a perfect host.
Make sure to hang the artwork at the right height. Commonly, an image should be arranged so that the centre is one and a half meters from the ground.

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