How to Be a Happy Singles for Valentine’s Day

How to Be a Happy Singles for Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day While Single. Ah, love. All you need … right? Valentine’s marketing and trying to be accepted by society can make the day of San Faustino gloomy and cruel if you are single by choice or circumstances. It’s hard to see what else life offers when you’re bombarded with romantic comedies on TV, flowers, love stories, heart-shaped pendants in stores, ads, and soppy advertisements.

Do not be afraid. You can be a happy single for Valentine’s Day. Resist the temptation to get in touch with someone if it is not the right time for you, celebrating.


Take a position

1) If you feel sad because this event gives you a feeling of loneliness and reminds you that you are alone, it might make you feel better to know that there are many other singles in the world who suffer on Valentine’s Day.
While some feel miserable for you, many others have fun laughing at the vanity of this day. And then, there are also those couples who, even if they love each other, resist as much as possible on Valentine’s Day, desperate by the pressure to buy presents and to celebrate the occasion systematically and find the marketing of this day vulgar.
With this idea in mind, it will be easier to stop whining.
Remind yourself that the benefits of Valentine’s Day are only to fill the boxes of florists, coffee shops, gift shops and restaurants for dinners.

2) He loves being single.
Think of all the benefits of being single, starting with not having to fight for the TV remote control, not to mention the fact that you can organize or leave things as you want. The message of the “couple” is strong, but it is not a true reflection of the way in which people choose how to live their lives; do not be fooled by advertisements where people in pairs always live happily. There are many, but many happy couples, while it is not fashionable to be happy singles in political or media discourses.
Make a list of the positive things about being single. For example, leisure time, lack of compromise at home, less responsibility, etc. And think how these things would vanish in a relationship. Focus on the benefits that on the negative sides.
If on Valentine’s Day, people disregard the fact that you are single, be strong and respond with compassion: “I like being single, I choose how to live without compromise, without cooking or making the bed.” You could also say that most people are single, with 51% of women.                                                                 16 APRIL 2018


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3) Be happy with yourself regardless of the conditions of your relationship.
Stories of love often suggest that another person can complete you, with common phrases like “the soul mate”, “without you I was only half happy” and “our hearts beat in unison”, often important for some who do not realize the true meaning. If taken too seriously, these perspectives can mean codependency, loss of independence and loss of oneself in another person. This would be un-romantic. Furthermore, do relationships correspond to happiness even after they end? Statistics of divorces and unhappy marriages show the opposite for most people. Keep in mind that you do not need to change yourself, lose your freedom or your habits when you’re single.

4) Do not get carried away by the tide.
You could be very romantic and love your “soul mate” a day, but for now, your patience must be your virtue. There are so many Valentine days in your life and so many opportunities to fall in love. Sometimes, one of the factors that make Valentine’s day difficult to spend singles is the message of the event itself that drives people to find someone to stay with to avoid losing the “train” that passes only once. If this were the case, you will not have love when you’re old, but it’s not true. Love can arrive at any age. In the meantime, love the life you are living and do not live in love.
Think about what happens to those who get married quickly before getting to know each other well. One day one of the partners could feel the need to “meet” because he suffers in the relationship.
Diapers are not romantic. Endless nights without sleep are not romantic. Do not be in a hurry if you’re not convinced; have fun as a single as long as you wish.

5) Treat yourself well.
As you stand in line to pay for everyday items, if you see a cute teddy bear holding a heart while you want someone to send you a saccharine letter, or you’re drooling because you’ve seen a box of heart-shaped chocolate, buy it instead of feeling bad. If you think that teddy bear is too sweet and you want it on your bed, so be it. Or even better, spend your money to buy what you really want, like a perfume, a beer box, a coffee pot or a book by your favourite author. Do not make this day a day of pain and loss. Make it a day of love, even as a single person.
Do something as decadent as going to an all-day spa or sightseeing in the city. Do it with friends if you’re not comfortable with yourself.
Not too decadent. Forget about your problems for a day, without making them worse. You’ll be better now and in the future if you do not worry about how to cut costs if you’ve bought something as rewarding as a huge box of chocolate, or how to lose weight if you’ve eaten them all.


6) Learn about what’s happening in the world of singles.
There are many parties for singles in different bars that give you the opportunity to celebrate alone. Not having love expectations though; just go have fun and discover new people to talk and share drinks with. It’s not to find someone and get back to solitude!

7) Think of the money you save.
A very romantic person could tell you “Ah, but how much does love cost?” It’s priceless! ” That way of thinking leads you to live a life of extravagance without focusing on the practicality and the importance of the relationship, with words and works instead of expensive “love tokens”. Diamonds are expensive and are not good to recommend in a relationship.

8) Exercise.
If love attacks you, free yourself by doing exercise as when you are sad. A thing in the park, an ice skating or a swim in the pool could be the way to help you resist primitive desires.

9) Consider the day after Valentine’s Day.
Do you think that all those loves will continue to whisper sweet things to the ears the next day and that will continue to surprise with candlelit dinners and romantic memories? Hopefully yes. However, reality shows the opposite, and all of us, single or free, can have the bad habits of not making people who matter most in our lives feel important. Why not use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to treat important people well for the rest of the year? It will serve to show your friends engaged, that love is everywhere.



Go out with people like you and have fun in the gym or in another relaxing place. Go out with friends who are single!
Realize that there are less fortunate people in the world. You may feel depressed on Valentine’s Day without a company, but there are many people who no longer have a home, food, freedom or other essential things. Your situation is nothing compared to the people who suffered from tyrannies and/or the poverty of the third world. Volunteer in homeless shelters and donate goods to third world nations. You will realize how lucky you are, even if you are not in the company of someone you love.
Stay away from the shops. The sellers make Valentine’s Day an “obligation” in which you have to participate as if it were a party- and trouble if you do not. This is especially true in Canada and the United States, while other nations are not so obsessed with this celebration. Another good example is Brazil that does not celebrate Valentine’s Day in February for not being in conflict with Carnival (they celebrate it in June). Reserve an overseas trip for the entire Valentine’s week.
Prepare for San Faustino, where the price of sweets and chocolates drops a lot just because the packs are no longer in the shape of a heart. The best day of the year to enjoy the various delicacies at a discounted price. Keep it in mind even if you are a couple, it may be more romantic to spend Valentine’s day alone, to avoid confusion and crowds.
Send small gifts to the people you really love: family, close friends, etc. You will be grateful for the love present in your life, instead of following the temporary trend of the event.
Celebrate San Faustino. All those gifts, chocolate and mixtures are really discounted on February 15th. You can celebrate it alone and enjoy all those goodness!


If people behave as if they were sorry about you, avoid making pungent or sarcastic comments about their relationships. Kindly remind him that you are happy alone and that you take life as you like best. If you get sick, ask why the fact that you’re single annoys them so much. It could be touching!
Surrendering and watching a whole series of romantic comedies, listening to love songs and watching shows on Valentine’s Day will make things more difficult. Do not have mercy on yourself, because there is no reason. You will feel destroyed and weep thinking that you are missing something. Do yourself a favour and do not do it. There are so many fun things you can do, like celebrating the day of the Ferris wheel.

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