Fastest way to burn calories

Fastest way to burn calories
metabolic diseases

Fastest way to burn calories

Most likely you will already know that to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take. At first sight,  Most likely you will already know that to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take. At first sight, the Fastest way to burn calories it may seem difficult, but the methods to do it is really multiple. You can burn more calories moving more during the day, reducing portions of meals, incorporating spices into your recipes, drinking more water and resting for a sufficient number of hours each night. Continue reading to further explore the topic.

Move more to Burn more calories

1) Embed at least 30 minutes of cardio workout into your daily routine.
The best way to burn more calories is to do more exercise every day. Cardio training allows you to continue burning a good number of calories even after you stop doing physical activity; choose, for example, to run, walk, ride a bike or swim. Your goal should be to train at least 30 minutes a day, but remember that the more physical activity you can do, the longer your body will continue to burn calories even at rest.

2) To increase the number of calories burned while resting, also add muscle strength training.
Compared to fat, in the resting phase the muscles burn 2 times and ½ more calories; therefore, the more muscular you are the greater the number of calories you burn. If you still do not do any muscle strength training, rush to incorporate a specific workout into your daily routine.
For an ideal result, concentrate strength training on large muscle groups, such as thighs, arms, abdomen and chest.

3) Put some small measures into practice that will allow you to burn more calories.                                                        7 JUNE  2018

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The more you move throughout the day, the more calories you burn. It then incorporates short exercise intervals to increase the total number of calories burned daily. Park away from the supermarket entrance, use the stairs instead of the elevator or do some lunge or some abdominal exercise during advertising breaks.

4) Keep constantly on the move.
Some studies have shown that thin people “agitate” much more than obese people (about 150 minutes more per day). Even a slight movement, such as drumming with your feet or fingers, twisting your hair or gesturing while talking, allows you to burn 350 calories a day, translating into a weight loss of 5-15 pounds a year! This activity is called “activity thermogenesis not associated with physical exercise” (or NEAT from the English Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and includes every movement that is not intended as physical training. By increasing the level you can burn up to 100-150 calories more per day.

Here are some ideas:

Standing up burns 50% more calories than when you’re sitting down. Used to do normal routine activities away from the chair, for example, talk on the phone, read the newspaper or use the computer in an upright position.
Walking is even better. By walking at a regular pace for an hour, you can burn 90 calories more than when you stand in your chair. Get in the habit of walking every time you talk on the phone.
Buy a work table that allows you to do your homework standing up or, if possible, place it in front of a treadmill. Walking for 1.5 miles per hour while you work, you can burn 100 extra calories, so if you can walk 2 or 3 a day you can lose between 20 and 30 kilos in a year. As always, the advice is to start gradually, starting to walk for 15 minutes every hour and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. Alternatively, you can achieve the same results by placing a small stepper under a high work table or using it while watching TV.

Fastest way to burn calories

Change your food habits to burn more calories

5) Choose those foods that help you burn more calories.
After meals, people who eat fibrous fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean meats burn even more calories. Make sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Eat well and do not exceed your daily caloric needs. Among the best choices, we can include:
– cabbage
– broccoli
– carrots
– apples
– pears
– citrus fruits
– oats
– brown rice
– light yoghurt
– skimmed milk
– fish
– dried fruit and seeds (in moderate quantities).

6) Distribute calories throughout the day.
Instead of doing the three traditional meals, opt for snacks to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Four or five small meals staggered evenly during the day are ideal. Try eating every three hours to avoid feeling overly hungry and keep your metabolism high.

7) Never skip breakfast.
The first meal of the day activates the metabolism allowing you to immediately start burning calories. Some studies have shown that those who routinely make breakfast tend to take fewer calories during the day, while people who skip this important meal are more inclined to eat more to make up for the lack of calories due to missed breakfast. To fully enjoy the benefits of breakfast without exceeding the pre-established calorie count, choose low-calorie, high-fibre foods.
Flakes of oats, wholemeal bread, fruit, yoghurt and skim milk are excellent choices.

8) Give flavour to your dishes with spices.
Not everyone knows that chilli is able to speed up the metabolism even by 25% and up to three hours after meals. The capsaicin contained in the hot pepper is responsible for this increase in calories burned. So learn to spice up your dishes wisely to enjoy the benefits brought by this prodigious substance.
Slice a spicy chilli and add it to the stew.
Give a light push to the tomato sauce for the spaghetti adding half a teaspoon of chilli powder.
Flavour sandwiches, wraps and vegetable dishes with spicy sauce.
Note that many ready-to-eat spicy sauces are rich in sodium, sometimes harmful to people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) or other diseases. If possible, always use finely sliced raw chillies.

Alternative Remedies

9) Avert yourself with the powers of caffeine, but avoid adding sugar or creams to your drinks.
Caffeine allows you to burn only a few calories more than normal but is a great ally when it comes to getting you moving more. Accompanying your meals with a drink that contains caffeine, for example with green or black tea or coffee, can help you increase your metabolic rate by up to 10%.
The beneficial properties of green tea seem to be the most advantageous; in addition to allowing you to burn more calories also inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates.
Getting used to drinking tea or coffee without sugar or milk may take some time; in this regard, choose to buy coffee beans or high-quality tea leaves to meet your palate.

10) Drink eight glasses of water a day.
When you drink water, you allow your body to burn more calories. A study has shown that drinking eight glasses of water a day (for a total of 2 litres) helps the body burn daily about 100 calories more. Keep a bottle of water close at hand so you do not forget to drink and keep track of your progress.

11) Sleep 7-8 hours per night.
In order to function properly and to effectively burn calories, the body needs a sufficient amount of daily rest. When you are tired because of a lack of sleep you tend not to want to move or commit to increasing the number of calories burned, for example eating well and doing physical activity. Therefore, allow yourself 7-8 hours of daily sleep to allow your body to work at full capacity.


The first step to take when you want to lose weight is to combine diet and exercise. The steps analyzed in the article will not allow you to lose weight unless you decide to seriously improve your diet.
Keep track of the number of calories taken and the number of calories burned through exercise on a daily basis.

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