how to cure diabetes

how to cure diabetes
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The diabetes is a chronic disease caused by high blood glucose levels, which in turn generated by the inadequate production of insulin, the hormone that is produced by the pancreas, by which glucose enters the cells and is used as energy.When blood insulin levels are altered, glucose begins to accumulate in the bloodstream and causes diabetes.Before you see how to treat diabetes, it is imperative that you recognize your symptoms so that you can contact a physician who will prescribe the best care for our needs and our specific situation.

Diabetes Glucose Treatment

How to cure diabetes: Symptoms

In order to cure diabetes, it is, of course, necessary to be able to recognize it so that you can then turn to a physician with whom you can deepen the diagnosis and of course establish the cure. Even before you undergo specific examinations, there are some symptoms that can help you understand if you are suffering from diabetes.The most common symptoms of diabetes are:                                                                                                     3 MAY 2018



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Nausea and vomiting:

  • The increase in appetite:
  • Weight loss: Weight loss is also a consequence of diabetes, which simply prevents cells from using sugar consumed with food as a source of energy
  • Glycoside: This is the presence of glucose in the urine that favours the proliferation of bacteria and viruses and hence the appearance of infections
  • Continued urine stimulation: The decline in insulin in tissues continuously stimulates urination
  • Silk continues: Silence continues, ie polydipsia is the result of excessive urination
  • Visual problems: eye 
  • Chronic fatigue :


How to cure diabetes: remedies and cures                                                                                                                                                                                           

The first thing to do when you are suffering from diabetes is therefore to plan a proper diet and a workout plan, modulated on individual characteristics.

the hours of the day you eat have a great influence on the blood glucose and lipid levels, so it is imperative to pay attention.

The first rules to cure diabetes are:

  • Take daily carbohydrates at the same time as you will find in foods such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables
  • Try to make 2 programmed snacks and never skip meals
  • Prefer healthy and simple foods
  • They prefer whole foods that slow the absorption of simple sugars
  • Limit the consumption of milk and derivatives as a source of carbohydrates
  • Consume lean meats, preferably white and eat eggs only once a week
  • Prefer simple cooking methods such as steam cooking, grilling, and avoiding fries and cheeses
  • Limit the consumption of sweets which cause a sudden increase in blood glucose
  • Do not exceed with alcohol and spirits


A good help to cure diabetes can also come from herbs.

Among the most effective herbs to cure diabetes, we recommend magnesium, which helps reduce blood sugar levels, ginseng that improves the ability of cells to use glucose by boosting insulin production, and Greek hay that reduces glucose and cholesterol levels, while increasing cholesterol levels.

Obviously, before taking any natural treatment, it is imperative to contact your doctor.

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