Various methods to Take Care of Pubic Hair

Various methods to Take Care of Pubic Hair
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1) Wash them using hot water.
Soaps or perfumes can ignite or irritate the genital area. The Pubic area has a specific pH and some soaps could alter it.
Use a detergent with a specific pH for intimate areas when washing hair, if you still want to use a product. You can find this type of detergent at pharmacies without a prescription; if necessary, ask the pharmacist.
Do not use deodorants, talcum powder, shampoos or scented wipes; you may be tempted to use them especially if the pubic region gives off an unpleasant odour.

2) Rinse the genital area with a damp towel or tissue.
After using the bath, you should rinse the pubic area in this way to keep it clean.
It is very important to regularly rinse the inguinal area after performing the physiological functions, to avoid the spread of bacteria. The hairs, in particular, are an environment favourable to the proliferation of germs.

3) Keep the area dry.
Moisture can cause irritation, while a thoroughly dry skin prevents discomfort and the risk of bacterial growth.
Dry the pubic hair thoroughly after showering before putting on clothing.
Wear comfortable linen and avoid nylon fabrics, synthetic ones or too tight, because they can retain moisture. This is particularly important when it is hot and you tend to sweat easily.

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4) Cut them.
If the hair is too thick, it can trap germs or other dirt. By cutting the hairs to a manageable level, you can instead keep the area clean with less effort.
You may feel ashamed or feel embarrassed if you have a lot of pubic hair. However, their presence is a sign of sexual maturity and the fact that they are very thick does not have any negative connotations. Keeping them clean and tidy is an important task to ensure your personal hygiene and health.

Remove Pubic Hairs

5) Radiate with caution.
If you decide to remove them, shaving is a less painful procedure than waxing – and it is also the most economical solution. To ensure a comfortable shave:
Cut the hairs before shaving them completely. Use a pair of scissors to shorten them as much as possible; doing so, avoid getting caught in the razor and pulling the skin.
Choose a specific razor for this area. Almost all of these tools are effective, but when you decide to shave a delicate and difficult to reach the area, like that between your buttocks, a specific razor can save you cuts or scratches. For example, some models are equipped with a blade to shorten the hair or are covered with an emollient lotion.

6) Take a bath or a shower before shaving, so as to dilate the pores and soften the most bristly hairs;
the pubic ones are thicker than the hair.
Use shaving foam to protect the skin during the procedure. However, be careful not to smear the product on your genitals, as it may cause irritation and inflammation.
Apply an aloe vera gel or baby oil after shaving. Do not use perfumed moisturizers or those containing chemicals.

7) Do waxing.
You can remove pubic hair with wax depilation at a beauty parlour or at home; however, remember that it is a painful method. To alleviate suffering, take an aspirin or ibuprofen half an hour before depilation. To ensure a comfortable depilation:
Wait until the hairs are at least an inch long before tearing them with wax; in this way, the product grips near the follicle and the removal are easier.
Follow the instructions on the package of the home depilation kit scrupulously. Some products come with a cup or a glass that contains the wax that you need to heat and apply, while others are sold as ready-to-use strips.
Check the temperature of the hot wax before applying it to the pubic region; a burn in these areas is very painful. Check the temperature by applying a drop of wax to the inside of the wrist. The substance must be hot enough to be able to spread it on the skin, but not so much to burn yourself.
Wear underwear and cotton clothes after waxing to allow the skin to breathe and avoid irritation.

8) Remove certain parts of the pubic hair.
There are different styles and “hairstyles” for the hair of the intimate area. Here are the most common ones:

– Thin strip:–
the hairs are eliminated so that it remains only a thin vertical strip just above the genitals. The width of the strip is a matter of personal taste.

– Bikini:–
all the hairs that would be visible wearing a bikini slip are eliminated.

– Brazilian waxing:-
all hairs are removed.


You can also dye or beautify pubic hair with safe tints or rhinestone kits. Professional beauticians can help you colour or decorate this part of the body.
Do not tan or expose the pubic area to intense sunrays before shaving it or waxing it out, to avoid irritating the delicate skin of the surrounding area.

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