How to Organize the Perfect Valentine for Your Wife

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Valentine’s Day can create a bit of anxiety for the desire to make it as fantastic and romantic as possible. Relax, it is not difficult to show your love and be genuine at the same time. The important thing about this day is to think about your wife and what she likes, and then do it. If you plan this day in the right way, you will be grateful for months, maybe years.

Organize the Perfect Valentine


1) Organize at least one surprise.
It’s always nice to exceed someone’s expectations. That’s why you should organize at least one surprise that you know you never would expect. Here are some ideas:
The day before (or in time for receiving it on Valentine’s Day) send a handwritten letter and a ticket. Writing letters is so romantic, especially because no one does it anymore. Write also a poem and a dedication.

Organize at least one surprise.


2) Take to bed as a chocolate mousse breakfast.
Starting the day with something sweet creates the right atmosphere for the rest of the day.
Write a poem. A sonnet of love is perfect, but the lyrics of a ballad of love from his favourite era work just as well. You can do better than just take her out for dinner that night, you know you can do it.

3) Fruit can be an excellent alternative to the usual flowers and will show that you have made a commitment.

4) Prepare a little gift on the foot of the bed or on the breakfast tray, some small thing you know you like.
They could be seeds to plant, the last book of his favorite author, a set of colors to paint or a voucher for a massage.

 Back to being a young man in love.

Hey, you’re about to spend a day with a wonderful woman! Take her out to eat a cake and if she does not know which one to choose, order them all. Try to win a teddy bear for her to shoot at the target or buy a bunch of balloons so big as to raise a child from the ground. Make her feel like a child again and have fun.

6) Focus on her.
In the morning, prepare your favourite breakfast and have breakfast with her. In the evening he hires the “girls” movie he wants to see. Sit close to her and show yourself happy; your suffering will be rewarded by your gratitude for your courage! If you buy flowers or chocolates make sure they are your favourites; you will get more points if you buy them rarely because they are expensive.

7) He will adore you if you learn how to arrange the flowers in a vase in the right way.
Bring a bouquet of flowers home and tell them to sit down and tell you about your day as you put your skills to work. You will be impressed by your ability to do something and listen at the same time.

8) Think back to the moments you spent together. What did you do when it all started?
If you always went to Burger King, presented with two “Whopper” and the first movie you saw together.

9) Make a romantic and striking gesture.
Search for inspirations in a movie or book that she likes. Take her to a cold place, so she is forced to wear gloves, then remove one glove at a time and kiss the tip of each finger (with this gesture it will melt). Bring lots of flowers home as if you had bought the whole store or picked up a bunch of wild flowers. Wash your hair or give it a serenade – it’s fine even if you’re using the stereo.

10) Declare your love to the world.
Or at least a few people. Send flowers to work so everyone can see them or stop in the middle of the road and kiss her. Write your initials with a chalk on the sidewalk. Hire a group of mariachi to make a night out of his window or his office.


Tell her all day that she's beautiful.


Include an antique mirror and tell her that a woman like her deserves to look into a beautiful object like her.

12) Spend time with her. Wake up early and hold it tight. If you have to go somewhere, drive it to the car just to open the door. Go skate together. Go with her to take the children to school. Sing a love song or take it to dance under the stars. Let them relive the love and romance between you.



Find a babysitter for the evening. It’s hard to feel romantic with the kids crying around.
If you like roses a lot, buy some roses to plant.
If you are organizing a surprise holiday, make sure it does not interfere with your busy and non-working commitments. It would be disappointing for both of us if she could not come because of previous commitments. In some jobs, you can agree directly with the boss, but this depends a lot on where he works and on their flexibility.


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